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Are you looking for a four-leg family member for you? Are you searching for a healthy, well-trained, and social French Puppy for sale in the USA? Adopt from buyfrenchiespups & complete your family with your dream French Bulldog puppies for sale in the USA under $600. Feel safe & secure in your choice with us. Trust Us & We will organize everything for you. We will safely deliver your buddy to you.

French Bulldog Puppies - Our Puppies are Family

French Bulldogs Texas: The Cutest French Bulldogs

Teacup French Bulldog for sale in Texas

French Bulldog Breeder | Find a Reputable Breeder in US

French puppies with comedic, inquisitive, and tightly-wrinkled faces topped with those pointy, bat-like ears become one of the most popular breeds in the Houston ,Texas USA. No one can resist loving them even at first glance. An interesting fact about them is that despite their name they originated from England, not from France. They are also known as clowns of the canine world due to their great sense of humor and silly acts. Buying a Frenchie pups with a reputable breed is not an easy task. Perhaps you have to go through an ongoing process in order to get an adorable puppy. 

Are you looking for a Mini french bulldog pups for sale? Have no idea where to buy it? You are already there. By buy frenchies pups you can get the best affordable breed. From our care house to yours we provide quality breed. We’re here to assist you in finding the ideal four-legged family member or buddy. Buy Frenchies Pups provide help and guidance that you won’t get anywhere else.

When you  will buy a pupil from us we guarantee the following qualities in your puppy :

  • Well Trained 
  • Well Socialized 
  • Vaccinated 
  • Come With  Microchip
  • Guaranteed Health 
  • Safe
  • Comfy
French Bulldog Puppies For Sale
Lowest Price of French Pups
French Bulldog Puppies For Sale
Healthy French Puppies
French Bulldog Puppies For Sale
Happy people from Mini Pups

Jake French bulldog Puppy

Sex: Male
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $1,400

Shelvey French bulldog Puppy​

Sex: Female
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $1,400

Bea french bulldog Puppy

Bea French bulldog Puppy

Sex: Female
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $1,200

Max French bulldog Puppy

Sex: Male
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $2,400

lucy French bulldog Puppy​

Sex: Female
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $2,400

clansy French bulldog Puppy

Sex: Female
Breed: French bulldog
AKC Registered: yes
Price: $2,300

Where To Buy A Mini French Bulldog Puppy | French Pups For Sale Near Texas

Did you scroll thousands of pages to french Bulldog puppies for sale near me? Are you a dog lover? Did you want to buy a four-leg family partner for yourself? Well, fortunately, you find a trusted platform where you can buy Inexpensive bulldog puppies for sale in the USA. Here your thirst for french dogs ended. We will assist you find the best breed under your budget.

If you are budget conscious and searching for: 

  • Mini French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Under $800
  • Mini French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Under $1000
  • French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Under $1500
  • Pocket French Bulldog Puppy in the USA
  • Cheap Micro French Bulldog Puppies

You can find any type of french puppy according to your pocket. You may also search with your area name such as : 

Whatever your query contains we will deliver your requirements. Here you will find a stout, friendly,  affectionate family companion for you. 

Just Speak with buy frenchies pups and meet with your healthy well-trained puppy. 

Did You Know About French Bulldog: An Adorable & Affectionate Breed in Houston

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Are Frenchies aggressive?

No, Frenchies Pups are very friendly, social, and adorable dogs and get attached to humans easily. But if it does not train them properly there will be a chance of aggression. Aggressive signs include growling, snarling, stiff bodies, and more.

Do French bulldogs stink?

No french bulldog Pups did not stink. They don’t belong to the smelly breed. But they are prone to collect dirt. They need regular cleaning. If you do not clean them on a daily basis their facial folds become smelly.  

What is the rarest color of French bulldog?

French bulldogs have the rarest colors which include Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Black & Tan. Blue Merle is a rare color and is the most expensive puppy. 

Are French Bulldogs OK left alone?

As Frenchies are social and friendly dogs. They need attention and care full time. It is not recommended to leave them alone. It causes separation anxiety in them. 

What health problems do French Bulldogs get?

French Bulldogs are too sensitive. They often get health problems due to insufficient care and attention. Those problems include:

  • Ear Infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Breathing Problems
  • Skin Problems

French Bulldog FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frenchies Pups are expensive due to their exceptional breeding history. On average it costs between $1,500-$3,500. Even prices for top-quality breeds lie between $5,500-$10,000.

Why are Purebred French Bulldogs so Expensive? The main reason is an inability to breed naturally. The second thing is vet bills, high-quality food, and housing also increase their cost. French bulldogs are full-time jobs as they need full-time attention and care.

On average, you can expect to pay between $1,500-$3,000. According to NextDayPets, the average price for all French Bulldogs sold is $2,200. The French Bulldog price increases even more for dogs with an exceptional breeding history. Prices for top-quality dogs with outstanding breed lines can range from $5,500-$10,000.

Finding the best reputable breed is not an easy task. Don’t Worry. We are here to assist you. You can find affordable French Bulldog Puppies in the USA at

Have you heard about blue-eyed Frenchies? A rare colored breed is getting popular in the USA. How much do they cost? Due to rarity their cost increases and sometimes doubles the standard Frenchie. It usually lies between $1,500 to $4,000.

An adorable dog with a big personality. Due to their small size, they can live easily even in smaller homes. They usually get attached easily to children. Frenchies are loyal and intelligent breeds. French bulldogs are good for the family.

Rare colors like blue, lilac, chocolate tend to be the most expensive French Bulldogs. A Micro French bulldog with blue color and orange eyes is recorded as the most expensive breed worth over $100,000.  Due to color and geographical area prices of Frenchie vary.

Yes, you can call them one-person dogs. They easily get attached to one person and make a special bond with him.

Yes, due to their ongoing health issues and care they are high at maintenance.  They need special care and attention. You can call it a full-time job. They often suffer from spinal disorders, respiratory issues, joint disease, and eye problems.