Renting a Commercial Kitchen or Commissary: What You Need to Know

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You can easily find a space that’s the perfect mix of style and practicality, all within your budget and with no minimums or memberships to worry about. Check out this commercial kitchen with loads of light and stainless steel appliances in Harlem, NYC. It’s a production darling, thanks to its sleek style and incredible amenities. The host also offers add-on options, like a food stylist and cooking classes, making it ideal for production and events alike. Whether you’re cooking for an event or hosting a training session for your chefs, this development kitchen in Greater London, UK can make it happen. It’s a nearly 500-square-foot room with 12 workstations, several state-of-the-art ovens, and other pristine and professional kitchen equipment.

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Your target A Commercial Kitchen will dictate which machines to procure and the segments of your kitchen layout. A good commercial kitchen design or layout provides a significant advantage to food businesses. It is a key element in achieving optimum operations and boosting product output. A correct facility layout will reduce the likelihood of problems, such as accidents or downtime due to inefficient kitchen staff and machines.

What Are the Requirements for a Commercial Kitchen

You should keep in mind that every commercial kitchen is different and comes with its own set of rules, equipment, and usage. Restaurant industry food and drink sales have increased every year since 2005, according to Statista. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, states employment opportunities for food service managers is expected to grow by 9 percent by 2026. The insurance products on (the “Site”) are underwritten by different carriers dependent on the relevant line of business – see This can mean huge cost savings as you aren’t responsible for purchasing all the necessary equipment and tools to run your kitchen. Check with the kitchen’s owner to learn how that waste is disposed of.

  • While both shared kitchens and private kitchens can exist within a commercial kitchen facility, they are different.
  • A commercial kitchen may have several food preparation areas depending on what kind of food is on the menu.
  • Other food premises can rent commercial kitchens or opt for leasing options to prepare large batches of food.
  • “It would be really nice to have a real prep station or a real line, sort of like what Subway has, but there’s just no room for it”, stated Sirianni.
  • Located in Missouri City, it has space for 25 guests, WiFi, parking, and of course, a commercial kitchen.

Some large commercial kitchens may also have an area where employees can change uniforms. Sanitation is a crucial part of maintaining the health and safety of your foodservice operation. Each zone has all of the required equipment and supplies for an employee working in it—eliminating the need to spend time searching the entire kitchen for the right tool. Assembly Line is a kitchen configuration style aligning its activities along a set and straightforward route. This is often utilized within restaurants serving small and simple dishes, such as sandwiches and burritos, and foodservice operations required to feed a large number of people very quickly.

What is the minimum size for a commercial kitchen?

All of these responsibilities affect the restaurant’s bottom line. In the restaurant world, chefs tend to get all the credit. After all, they’re the people with their names on the restaurants, the stories in the newspapers and the shows on TV.

What is a small commercial kitchen?

A small commercial kitchen can range from 200 square feet to 1000 square feet. The average size commercial kitchen is 1051 square feet as reported by after polling over 700 business owners. The standard formula for determining kitchen size is calculating 5 square feet per dining seat.

Does it include everything you need to prepare your food? Before you sign a lease, make sure the kitchen has everything you need. Although NSF certification isn’t a requirement for restaurants, it’s highly recommended.

Do I need to insure a commercial rental property?

A dedicated sink for service fitted with a floor drain must be provided for cleaning mops and disposal of liquid waste. The machine must have an automatic shutoff function that will prevent the accumulation of food waste and overflow. Machines that dispense liquid food waste in bulk, such as vending machines and refrigerated storage, must have a built-in receptacle for collection storage and easier cleaning. Strategically place frying stations away from other equipment and service tools to avoid splashes. Verify the size of the location and equipment to be installed to ensure the feasibility of the layout. List the necessary equipment needed for operations while considering the food locations’ space and size.

  • This style does, however, create greater pressure to maintain a neat and organized kitchen, so you’ll want to weigh this when considering such a configuration.
  • The requirement for a fire door can be case-to-case in the US and UK food industries.
  • In some additional cases, you may need to pay an upfront security deposit or a monthly membership fee to use the kitchen.
  • It is a significant operation to ensure your business can work at its best.
  • In an island layout, all the non-cooking stations, such as the dishwashing station and food preparation areas, are pushed up against the perimeter of the kitchen.

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