Guide to choosing the perfect puppy for your family

The excitement that comes with just the idea of getting a new puppy is overwhelming in itself, but imagine holding a goofy fur ball in your hands. Right?  It is the world’s best and most exciting feeling to know that you will be having a new member of your family. Those little paws will keep you drooling over and over again.

But bringing home a puppy is not as easy as it seems. You won’t be just going to a puppy shelter and picking one you like. It is a whole process just like picking a partner for your life. You have to consider your resources and puppy’s requirements. You have to ask yourself if you are ready to take this responsibility.

If you have come so far reading this, it means that you are serious about this matter and are willing to do the extra effort that it requires. You know that it will be a lifelong commitment with that innocent soul and you have to do proper research before welcoming a pet into your life.

This blog is a detailed guide on how to choose a perfect puppy for your family, including some useful instructions to make your puppy-finding phase smooth and enjoyable.

How to pick out a puppy

When it comes to selecting a puppy, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you find the one that perfectly fits into your life. For better comfort and well-being of your future dog, it is crucial to have your research done on how to select a puppy for your family. Here I have jotted down a few things to consider before welcoming a fur baby to your home.

Think of how spacious is your house

If you are searching for a family puppy, you have to consider one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Look for someone that can adjust and accommodate easily into your house. The house should provide him with enough space to play and sleep. Most puppies want to have their territory.

For instance, if you are living in a multistory building or an apartment then you cannot afford a bulky and energetic puppy. You have to keep in mind that this little puppy won’t be little forever and will eventually grow with more needs. If you have a separate villa or a house with not too nearby neighbors you can think of getting a high-energy dog breed.

Quality time you can give

A man’s best companion is his dog. To build a healthy and loving relationship with your puppy you need to give him proper time.

You have to ask yourself; Am I available at his demanding time? Do I get time to play with him? How much time will I be at home?

Your presence is what your puppy will need the most. You can see the spark and love flowing in their cute little eyes when you gently tap on their head, slide down your affectionate hands through their body or play with them with their favorite ball.

Pick the perfect dog breed for your family

When choosing a puppy; just like a good breeder, a good breed is also important. The environment a puppy gets from being in a womb to being delivered by his mum is the basic factor in determining his temperament. Also, the puppy will be having the characteristics same as his biological parents so you have to focus on what breed you are taking home.

Pick the breed you are comfortable with and see your kids and family protected and safe around them. There are numerous breeds in the market, each with individual and peculiar characteristics.

You can prefer a breed depending on his size like small breeds which are great to cuddle like Toy Poodle, Papillon, Maltese Terrier, Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, etc. 

If you are a fan of giant breeds that are mentally and physically strong and match your aura then you can choose breeds like Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, etc

Considering the financial status of your family

With little paws come great responsibilities. There will be continuous demand from day one you bring your puppy to your house. From puppy food to his accessories, grooming supplies, training resources, vet visits, pet insurance, and much more.

Keep in mind the expenditure that will come along with a puppy and if you can afford that, go for it.

Picking a puppy with a good temperament

As you know each dog breed has its temperament. For a family puppy, opt for one that has a good temperament.

It entirely depends upon your family and how it handles a specific breed. Families that are social and their little kids love sports and traveling. For them, a perfect family puppy would have an outgoing and playful personality.

But not every puppy is social, some like to be just relaxed in their home and seek your love and attention. These cute couch potatoes curl up and snooze and are a great option for a family in search of an obedient and calm puppy.

Choose a puppy right for you

If you and your family are animal lovers and your kid loves to stroll in a park with his puppy. Always pick a puppy that matches the energy of your family.  A family with hyperactive kids will find an energetic and playful puppy more than a calm and submissive puppy that would otherwise be a great option for a small family.

How do you know which puppy to choose?

Don’t forget that from choosing a puppy to living with him, your puppy will reveal your personality. How you would keep and interact with them will unfold the layers of you. Try your best to not pick a puppy that you get your eyes locked with at first. I know it is difficult to choose that ONE bundle of joy from a bunch of puppies where each one looks super adorable.

So now you know which puppy to choose!

Notice their behavior, activeness, and overall personality. Look for one that matches your aura and whose personality clicks you that it can go a long way with you.

What to avoid when choosing a puppy

When choosing a puppy, one thing that has to be called off is don’t pick a puppy from a puppy farm or online pet store. There is a high chance that they churn out dogs for profit neglecting their health and welfare.

Some red flags when picking out a puppy

A scared puppy that hides after seeing people or corners himself is a clear red flag. If a puppy looks startled and you can sense his nervousness there is a possibility of ill-handling.

A puppy treated with less love or brought up in a stressed environment will be threatened for his whole life; his behavior will be odd and will grow up into an aggressive dog with health problems.

Remember that a true breeder loves to tell you every minor detail about his beloved dog. Buying a puppy from a person that has no sound knowledge about a breed or knows little details is a big no and is to be avoided.

Those are all the tips that can help you pick the perfect puppy for your family. It is a time taking process but you will definitely get a loving dog in the end.


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