French Bulldog Exercise Guide To Keep Your Dog Healthy & Fit

A French bulldog may be the perfect dog for an apartment dweller, or anyone that can not exercise their dog all the time. While that is true this dog still needs a good amount of exercise to stay healthy. This article will help you determine how much exercise a French Bulldog needs and will provide you with tips on how to give your dog the exercise that he needs.

Do French Bulldogs Need Lots Of Exercises 

A French bulldog may not be a very active dog, which may lead to a scene where owners think they will not need exercise? However, it is essential to take your French bulldog for a walk and make sure that they are getting the required amount of exercise, which will be a good amount.

What Is The Recommended Amount Of Exercise For A French Bulldog?

The French bulldog is a small dog, and a normal amount of exercise is enough to keep him fit and healthy. The dog should be taken for a walk twice a day and can also be taken on a run or a jog. A good amount of daily exercise for these pups would be about 60 minutes. The dog should be taken to a dog park as well, where he can play with other dogs and run around freely. Because of their flat features, Frenchies can have severe respiratory difficulties; therefore, short, low-intensity walks are recommended. You may do this by taking several gentle walks each day with plenty of rest in between.

How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Need For Little Pups 

French bulldogs are exceptionally playful, so they require regular play with their human family members? They need exercise as well. Because of their inherent nature, French bulldogs love to run around and play. Here are the recommended exercise requirements for French Bulldogs 

French Bulldog Age

Exercises Time 

8 Weeks  10 Mints – Twice A Day
3 Months  15 Mints –  Twice A Day
4 Months  20 Mints – Twice A Day
6 Months  30 Mints – Twice A Day
9 Months  45 Mints – Twice A Day

How Much Exercise Does A Senior French Bulldog Need?  

The length of time your dog needs to walk will reduce as they get older. But, yet again, how much? Because each dog is unique, let them choose the pace. It may be time to return home if they appear to be slowing down.

Be aware that some dogs don’t know what’s best for them and just like going for walks, so they may continue when they should stop. Keep an eye on them and start lowering the length of their walks if you observe them appearing stiff, trailing behind, or suffering in any manner.

What Kind Of Exercise Does A French Bulldog Do Well?

Despite their tiny stature, they are an active breed that requires at least one hour of daily activity.

  •  It is advised that you take many short walks throughout the day. 
  • They should not be over-exercised in the summer since they are a brachycephalic breed that has problems breathing and can overheat.

Best Types of Exercise for French Bulldogs

French bulldogs require two types of physical activity: play and exercise. French bulldogs enjoy running, so a good way to train them is to run with them. The dog can also be taken to a dog beach where he can play with other dogs. A healthy French bulldog should be fed three times a day, and the portions should be small. Take a look at the best type of exercise to keep your pup healthy and fit. 

  • Walking around the block on a leash is a great way to spend some time with your dog. Allow him to accompany you on your stroll.
  • For a brief time, free play in a backyard or park.
  • Walks around the flat or residence.
  • A fetch game that is quick and low-stress.

Can Frenchie Exercise In Hot Weather?

Dogs with little or no pigment in their coats, such as the French Bulldog, are the most prone to sunstroke and other heat-related problems. They are so sensitive to sunlight that owners have to be extremely careful with them during the summer months. I remember that during the hot summer months, my dog always stayed in air-conditioned spaces and did indoor exercise. It is just too risky to let your dog outside during the summer.

How Exercise Can Help Prevent Some Of the Diseases in Pups?

Exercise can help prevent some of the diseases in French pups. If a pup exercises regularly, it gets the white blood cell count in the blood up, which then helps fight the disease and infection.

Exercising your dog keeps him fit and healthy while also lowering behavioral issues like excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety-related behaviors. It also aids your dog’s development of trust and confidence in you and your surroundings.

French Bulldog Exercise Intolerance

As with any dog, French bulldogs can be over-exercised. However, Frenchies are at particular risk because they are a brachycephalic breed (with a flatter face and shorter nose), making it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. Puppies and senior dogs who are overworked are more prone to musculoskeletal issues and heat exhaustion.

Bottom Line 

In order to keep your dog healthy and fit, you must make sure they get the exercise they need. This can sometimes be difficult to do, especially with a French Bulldog. That is why we have decided to provide a French Bulldog Exercise guide to help you keep your dog active and healthy. 

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