A Complete Guide & Tips For Vacationing With Your Dog

Summer vacations are on the way __You are excited to go with your best furry puppy. Whether it’s a day trip or a long vacation trip, it always becomes memorable with your french bulldog. Meanwhile, you can say a vacation with your french puppy is truly a vacation.

Sometimes it seems a daunting task to travel with your french puppy_Dont worry! It’s not as difficult as you might imagine!. With a little bit of research & effective planning, it can be a lot of fun & adventures.

We compile a complete guide to know before taking your french puppy on vacation and how to be sure you’ll both have a memorable time.


Driving With Your French Puppy  

You are planning a road trip with your french puppy _Isn’t that seem more exciting?. Especially when your french puppy loves riding in the car. It always needs pre-planning to make sure your puppy has a tail-wagging time with you. You need to make it as safe & memorable as possible.

Furthermore, there are a few things you’ll need to know to keep your french puppy safe and sound on car rides.

  • Strap to secure them with the seatbelt
  • Comfy and doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Proper size
  • Supports your Frenchie’s weight
  • High-quality materials that are machine washable (longevity)


How Do I Keep My Puppy Calm On Vacation? __

Keeping your puppy calm is something very important on a family trip because it can ruin your whole trip__no worries it’s not something difficult!. Familiar smells can be very comforting to your french puppy. Bringing along something from home is a way to help them keep calm. Bringing your puppy’s blanket is the first step to creating a comforting space. The familiar feel and smell can help calm your french puppy. Furthermore;

  • Keep to the same routine as much as possible.
  • Stick with the same food they are most likely to eat.
  • Bring familiar items from home.
  • Make sure your puppy has access to plenty of water
  • Provide plenty of walks and leg-stretches


Best Practices When Travelling With Your French Puppy 

Remembering everything for yourself can be tricky enough; use our list to help keep track of your dog’s necessities:

  • Collar and ID tags.
  • Leash and harness.
  • Paw wipes.
  • Paper towels and carpet cleaner.
  • French puppy licence.
  • Current photo of your french puppy.
  • Your puppy’s regular food and treats.
  • Your puppies medications and pill pockets.
  • Flea/tick and heartworm disease preventives.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Your puppies blanket.
  • Crate or carrier
  • A few of your puppies favourite toys
  • Waste bags
  • Puppies  first-aid kit.
  • Veterinary records (rabies and another vaccination history, medical conditions)
  • Your Pet Clinics phone numbers.
  • Emergency vet where you’ll be staying
  • Health certificate and/or acclimation certificate 


Dining With Your Dog 

Isn’t it more fun to go out to a restaurant with your best puppy?. But make sure your french puppy is allowed at that place _Not every restaurant welcomes your puppy. Especially when you are on a road trip you must check if the restaurant you go to is dog friendly or not. You will make sure you can easily have a meal with him. Otherwise, you will, fortunately, leave them in your car and plan for that.


How Do You Keep A Puppy Safe On Vacationing? 


Puppy’s safety is always your priority on vacations_Your little mistake can affect your puppy’s life. So, take safety precautions before you plan a trip with your french puppy. This includes things like making sure your puppy has a collar with tags on it. Use microchipping to know what might happen. Other safety precautions include how you’ll manage stops. It might be a situation like somewhere you go for the bathroom or to catch something in the park. Will your dog be ok being left alone in the car? What’s the temperature like where you’re going?. Consider all these things in mind before taking your french puppy on the road vacation.


Talk With Your Veterinarian 

One good idea in your pre-trip planning is to be concerned with your puppy’s veterinarian. They will suggest health considerations for your french puppy travel destination. Moreover, when you are planning a long trip either by car or by plane, you will take a (CVI) known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Take a copy of the vaccination record along with you on your vacation. Last but not least! register the microchip number to identify your french puppy if he should become lost.


Risks And Benefits Of Vacationing With Your French Puppy 

Vacationing with your puppy has its benefits & risks. Some benefits include:

  • Saving money onboarding kennels
  • Have your puppy along for the enjoyment.
  • Being able to examine your puppy while they’re with you.
  • Less stress about what’s happening to them while you’re gone.

  Sometimes it’s fun to take your dog with you, but that might not always be the case. Some risks to vacationing with your dog include:

  • Dealing with accidents or stressed behaviour.
  • Unsafe weather and temperatures could be dangerous for your puppy.
  • Extra costs and pet fees.
  • You can’t leave your dog alone 
  • Your french bulldog might have a negative reaction to the car, aeroplane, crate, or strangers.

Hope you and your pups enjoy a summer full of exciting adventures!  


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